Visit R Church in West Bay, Roatan, Honduras!

QUARANTINE INFO: WHile the island is on lockdown, we are broadcasting FACEBOOK LIVE HERE.

Click on the link and go to the FACEBOOK LIVE WATCH PARTY, scroll to posts and click on the video when it Premiers at 10 am Mountain Time (12 noon EST).

Whether you live here part or full time or are simply vacationing in Roatan, Honduras, we invite you to come and worship with us. R Church welcomes everyone to our english speaking, non-denominational Christian service. We are a diverse and friendly congregation consisting of Americans, Canadians, Europeans, Hondurans and Islanders. We believe in great fellowship, worshipping God in Spirit and in truth and teaching God's Word verse-by-verse. Our service starts Sunday mornings at 10 am at Infinity Bay Conference Room. For a map click here. 

We work with many local ministries and churches teaching, doing construction projects, leading worship, assisting with Teams, counseling, and much more. We covet your prayers, support and email.

Click here for an evangelism PDF that is mentioned in the Ephesians 3:8-13 message. 

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